The work at Ward End Park

‘The work at Ward End Park, Birmingham was commissioned by the Friends of Ward End Park and funded by the The Heritage Lottery Fund.
They comprise a giant conker, acorn and beechnut which are seeds of the main trees in the park.
They are part of a ‘tree trail’ which opened on 4th July, 2013′

conker Ward End Park



The prawn is carved in beech from a tree that was taken down in the commissioner’s garden due to fall risk. The Commissioner is the proprietor of a business involved in fish and prawns.

It stands about 6 feet tall.

The dragon carving is created from a fallen ash tree in a client’s garden.


I have been asked to create works that are designed to remember, celebrate or commemorate people who have died. These are sensitive pieces that are made in close collaboration with loved ones and friends.
I am very pleased to include here an endorsement of my work by John Nightingale.
‘I should like to recommend the work of Graham Jones a woodcarver who has produced a number of beautiful and imaginative memorials which are suitable for private or public use.”
John Nightingale, Canon Emeritus, Birmingham.
Bushbury Cemetery, Wolverhampton.
In 2011 Graham won a sculpture commission from Wolverhampton MBC for a contemplative sculpture as part a of a major new cemetery development in Bushbury. “I was inspired by the brief for this competition and wanted to create a piece of work which would be in sympayhy with the emotions of those who visit. The cemetery is a special place and I wanted to design work which would be both comtemplative and uplifting.
Feedback from families has been very touching and the way the sunlight shines on the work creates different reflections from dawn till dusk.”
Graham Jones

Rhys' Bench in Sweet Chestnut

Private Commission : this was made for Rhys who died at age 21, commissioned by his mother and family.


Spa Centre Theatre
Celebrating the life of WENDY who worked at The Spa Centre Theatre Leamington.
The carving was made in an existing Cedar tree that had grown too big for the space in among several London Plane trees at the front of the theatre. The life of the tree has become a fitting tribute to the life of Wendy.


Seat Commission by Gynae Cancer Support Group “To Remember Our Friends” – Walsall Hospital 2012

Sculpture at Bushbury New Cemetery

The Design: a pure abstract/natural shape with hollowed out centre carefully crafted to interact with light in several ways.The form as a whole may invoke a flame, praying hands, a Continue Reading →

Rhys’ Reading Garden

The garden is a celebration of Rhys who died in 2011 at the age of 21.  Rhys was an inspiration to his mother who’s idea the garden was.It is to become a centre of inspiration and exploration for children and exemplifies Rhys’ love of literature.   A long bench is carved for Rhys incorporating his interests in literature, poetry, music and life.

‘ By curves come all things to their goal’. This beautiful phrase by Nietzsche, who Rhys loved, sums up the convoluted ways our lives unfold and is inscripted into the bench.
The entrance portal is a gateway made from organically shaped oak forms.

Harp Sculpture

New Musical Instrument ‘Harp’ Sculpture in Highbury Park, Kings Heath, Birmingham. Made from a curved oak branch and slats to bash rather than strings. ‘I don’t think strings would last long Continue Reading →

Selly Oak Park Welcome Post

Selly Oak Park in Birmingham has had new work and a nature trail introduced. Graham has carved a bench and Welcome post in Sweet Chestnut and installed them on the site. Continue Reading →

Prince Rupert Sculpture, Wollescote Hall, Dudley

Prince Rupert was a cousin of Charles 1 and during the English Civil War in the 17th Century Rupert fought for the Royalist cause from a Headquarters at Wollescote Hall. Continue Reading →

Graham’s work at Moseley Violins, Tudor Road, Birmingham B13

Pictures of Graham’s work from the summer exhibition at Moseley Violins, Moseley Birmingham B13. Moseley Violins stock some of the finest string instruments in the country and the world including Continue Reading →