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4 Replies to “Graham Jones | Woodcarver”

  1. Marilyn Lipton

    Dear Mr Jones, I have been walking in Sandwell Valley once or twice a week for several years, invariably taking the same route, so I am familiar with your lovely work. Today, I deviated from my usual path and came across the fallen tree which you have carved. I was absolutely delighted! I recall the tree having fallen and at the time was saddened, but today I saw that something incredibly beautiful had been made from it to give pleasure to visitors to the valley. I took several photographs and posted them on my Facebook page, and my friends and family are similarly filled with awe and wonder. Thank you.

    • Graham Jones Post author

      Thank you so much, it makes my work worthwhile to hear that. I am currently in Brisbane Australia which is so different from Sandwell although I remember some lovely hot days while I was installing last year.
      Happy New Year

  2. Axonic

    I just wanted to say that I think your sculptures ( Queen Elizabeth II Gardens, Bewdley ) are very inspiring. Brilliant work. Thanks.

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