Prince Rupert was a cousin of Charles 1 and during the English Civil War in the 17th Century Rupert fought for the Royalist cause from a Headquarters at Wollescote Hall.

Graham was commissioned by The Friends of Wollescote Park to make a sculpture depicting the remarkable story of Prince Rupert hiding down a well in the grounds of Wollescote and thus escaping capture by Cromwells Roundheads. As we all know Cromwell came to rule England and Charles 1 was beheaded in 1649. Rupert went to France and fought in several other causes before returning to the Court of Charles 11 in 1662
This carving was made from an 8 ton piece of Sweet Chestnut  between March and June 2010. It was installed on July 1st. It stands almost 4 metres tall.


The project was funded by Dudley MBC and the Arts Council of England.