img_88061 The Design: a pure abstract/natural shape with hollowed out centre carefully crafted to interact with light in several ways.The form as a whole may invoke a flame, praying hands, a bulb or seed, a raindrop or teardrop, a window, a lantern, an inner light and simply a calming shape. Its special feature is a glow in its core which is achieved when the sun is in a suitable position.
Material:English Oak from Worcestershire

 Dimensions:Approximately 3.2 metres high, 900mm wide and weighing app.0.8 tonnes
‘In many cemeteries and graveyards there are pinnacle shapes which speak to me of reaching upwards, a kind of yearning for reassurance and comfort, for something greater or higher, perhaps away from this earth. The form I have developed aspires to this, a universal elemental form both organic and human which people can easily relate to on a number of levels’.