Tree Carvings

New Lodge Tree Carvings

A Giant Oak Tree.

Tree carvings are becoming popular in Parks and private gardens and woodland.
Rather than felling a tree completely and destroying it why not make it into a sculpture and use the wood.
I have made several this year. Using chainsaw and hand carving tools and building scaffolding where necessary, impressive carvings can be made.
Also using the wood for garden furniture or features is exciting.

2 Replies to “Tree Carvings”

  1. monika Burgess

    Please I would like to get a tree carved – we live in Amherstburg Ontario Canada – can you you contact me


    • Graham Jones Post author

      Well that would be great. I live in the UK, any ideas how I’d get there.
      What tree is it?
      Thank you for the prospect, I’d love to visit Canada but quite an expensive trip.
      Graham Jones


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