The prawn is carved in beech from a tree that was taken down in the commissioner’s garden due to fall risk. The Commissioner is the proprietor of a business involved in fish and prawns.

It stands about 6 feet tall.

The dragon carving is created from a fallen ash tree in a client’s garden.

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  1. Alistair Mackie

    Nice quality carving. I have been trying, yes trying to complete my house and home in the style of Mankr houses in Normandy. Some of them have carving on the inside and outside and that is what I am after. However I am permantly short of funds, though I still have a shirt on my back.
    If you are interested, though I am not commissioning anytging though might consider buying if I like what you have done, then examples can be seen probably online at:
    Vieux-Manoir at Orbec, the logis of the manor of Querville, the manor of Le Coudray, Les Domaines, Cauddmone, Auichon which has dragons,Le Verger. Saint-Christophe has some really nice dragons indoors and they are integral to the beams, but I think some carvings of smaller size might be discreetly applied.


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