Graham goes back to Ley Hill Park

I was Commissioned by Birmingham City Council to carve a large Cedar trunk fronting the viewing platform in Ley Hill Park Birmingham.

The  ‘man from the ground’  has emerged.  He is a viewer from the viewing platform at the top of the park. A 4ft diameter Cedar tree was felled because of damage and safety issues. I am carving an 8 meter length of it.

The carving represents the male in nature, complementing the female carved on the nearby Scots Pine in 2008. He lives in the ground, he may be coming out or going in depending on how he feels. His hair spreads across the ground and can be sat on (ie a carved seat in the hair) Further ideas for carvings on the Cedar are ruminating and he may have a Kunzle cake to eat.

Carved from the large Cedar that had to be felled for safety reasons. Placed across the viewing platform

4 Replies to “Graham goes back to Ley Hill Park”

    • gmjwoodcarving

      Ade, thanks for the comment. Good to have a beer with you the other day. Your carving is very strong, keep at it. I’ll email a pic of what I’m making at the mo out of an 8 ton lump of sweet chestnut.
      See you sometime Graham

    • gmjwoodcarving

      Long time Ade, hope you’re well. Been tryin to get a meet with Dave but he’s a busy man. Not sure if I can attach a pic here. this is the 8 ton outcome, down to about 3 tons in the end. If I can’t attach I’ll send email all best Graham


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