Commissioning is an important part of my work.
I enjoy a challenge so don’t hold back.
I can bring it to life, in wood, any idea you have, on any scale and in any situation.
So the way to go about this is to contact me first by phone or email, or click here to contact me.
You may have a clear idea of what you want or you may require some help and advice to clarify the idea.
i.e. scale, subject matter, to go inside or outside, and anything else you think relevant and I can give you a quote or estimate or talk you through varying costs.’

2 Replies to “Commissioning”

  1. Mark lanmon

    Grsham, Mark here. I’m so glad to have met you on the Derwent hunter. I really like your furniture and the horizontal pieces. Do you let the outdoor pieces weather naturally? I love weathered wood. Also love weathered faces. Mabe you and I can be walking art if we live long enough.

    • Graham Jones Post author

      Thanks Mark, great to meet you on the boat, that coral reef was so amazing.
      Nature does it all really, including us!!
      Interesting to hear of your projects in China, good luck. Art is always a great language to cross cultures with,
      Love to you and your wife


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